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“Amazing teacher, I learnt so much and corrected so many of my mistakes. May Allah bless the amazing teacher.”


“I found Quran made easy part 1 and 2, Tajweed made easy excellent. I have not got enough words to express my gratitude to the teacher. Ustad Abu Mohammad is one of the best teacher i have come across. He made things very simple and easy.”

Umme Rahin

“Great course! It helped me read properly with the tajweed. ”

Hajar Cota

“JazaakAllah khairan, course is very good with clear explanations and teaching in videos, pdf notes and and quizzes which assist in reinforcing what we have learnt in the video lessons. BaarakAllahu feek.”


“This course is way above my expectation. what an excellent asset for my future.”

Naffiza Khan

“Alhamdulillah my love for the quran increased after listening to the initial talk on this course. JazakAllah Khayr”

Asadullah Mohammad

“Ma shaa Allah this is a wonderful course! The explanation provided is so detailed yet easy to comprehend. Exactly what I was looking for, but wasn't able to find anywhere!”

Assiya Makhmud

Meet your Instructor

Abu Muhammad Arif Abdulaziz

  • Ijaazah (Permission to Teach) from Sheikh Muhammad Al Munshid (Egypt)

  • Only 27 teachers - one of the shortest chains worldwide​

  • Ijaazah for Hafs 'an 'Asim via Shu’ba

  • Tazkiyah for Al-‘Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk series

  • Tazkiyah for Al Aajrumiyyah

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